Coaching Services

We have four (4) broad categories within which to match up a client with a coach:

Business Coaching

The focus of Business Coaching is often the development of a business or professional service.

As with all coaching, the Business Coach works with a client in a holistic way, focusing on both personal and professional issues. Generally, clients who come to coaching for business reasons choose to focus more attention upon business development or improvement.

Developing or running a business has its own set of unique responsibilities, such as managing multiple tasks, setting up business systems and procedures, managing employees, generating new business, customer service, accounting practices and more. The Business Coach is an individual who has experience and knowledge in business or professional development.

Additional Sub-Speciality:

Productivity Coaching: Coaching that addresses personal organization and work-flow productivity objectives. This type of coaching is generally short term to achieve specified goals. Areas such as: organization of work environment, coordination of information flow, filing systems and time management are reviewed and evaluated. Based upon the client’s objectives, a plan of action is developed and carried out.

Personal/Life Coaching

Personal or Life Coaching focuses on strengthening the client as a person so that the client is able to operate at his or her best, personally and professionally. While professional objectives and goals are certainly addressed, there is strong emphasis on developing the client as a whole person.

It is not unusual for the coach to work with a client to gain insight into the client’s life purpose, or to strengthen the client’s personal foundation and development. As with all coaching, it is the client’s goals and objectives that direct and guide the coaching.

A Personal or Life Coach is a good choice when personal development/improvement goals are a motivation for the coaching. Personal/Life Coaches are particularly skilled and interested in the personal dimension for the coaching.

Additional Sub-Speciality:

Health Coaching: Health Coaching addresses the health and well-being of the individual. It focuses on lifestyle and behavioral changes that will move the individual toward greater health and happiness. Whether the goal is body weight related, or the management of chronic illness, Health Coaching provides structure, accountability and support to take the individual to greater levels of wellness.

Career Coaching

A Career Coach works with a client to explore career possibilities, identify specific goals, and create a plan that the client will carry out that is in tune with client’s values to create a career and life that is passionate and motivating.

Career coaching is appropriate for individuals who are undergoing or plan to undergo transitions in their professional life, want to explore alternative career paths and new ways of working, or want to grow and develop professionally in the career they already have.

Career Coaches are skilled in: identifying career options, utilizing professional assessment instruments, resume development, job search planning, informational network meetings, interviewing and negotiating. Whether a client is a professional, parent, scientist, small business owner, teacher, government employee, or other, Career Coaches are a great choice for career related matters.

Executive Coaching

Individuals who are executives in organizations represent specialized coaching requirements. Executives operate in a structure that has written and unwritten rules for professional success.

Organizational life as an executive involves leadership, office politics, performance reviews, communication skills, and bottom-line results, to name a few. An executive coach is an individual who has had personal experience in the organizational structure and intimately understands the reality and nuances of executive life in an organization.

The following are areas commonly addressed in Executive & Business Leadership Coaching: aligning vision and values, performance improvement for business results, career advancement and succession, interpersonal communication skills, managing staff, team coaching skills, as well as others depending upon the client’s particular situation and objectives.

An Executive Coach understands the world in which an executive operates and is well suited to support the executive in achieving professional and personal goals.

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